Saturday, 10 October 2009

Back (to the eighties)

So - wedding planning took the place in my day that blogging used to - but then when I wanted to come back, I found that fashion had moved wholeheartedly to the eighties revival... and it's all just so ...ugly. And worse: it's unflattering. Batwing sleeves, dropped waists, slash necks, blouson jackets: hideo-rama. How is a girl supposed to negotiate her way through if she isn't long of limb and lean of flesh?

And then I began to see a path...

First I bought some truly wonderful boots in M&S. I wasn't looking for boots, but the leaped out at me - and I didn't have terribly high hopes: I don't wear heels well, for my feet are too short and the downward pressure is too high. In the event, it transpires that these are possibly the most comfy heels I've ever worn. I wore them out last night with no flats to change into, and then managed to wear them all day at work with no pain. Wonderous indeed.

They were £35, and obviously are Not Leather - which is a shame, as they won't last long. Sadly they now only seem to come instore in brown (mine are black) - and aren't online at all. Still a fab buy, though. The foreshortening effect of the ankle cutoff is offset by the heel, and the eighties rock-chick studs and straps are subtle and grown up. The curve of the toe is echoed by the shape of the chunky heel - all in all a great piece of cohesive design.

My second eighties-tastic purchase was this top from Evans:

I'm really loving peacocks as a design motif - and they're all over the place this A/W. Last Autumn / Winter I bought a fabulous peacock-patterned rockabilly frock from Collectif (still not my best friends, since they've seriously restricted their plus sized ranges). I wore it for my Aunt's wedding last month - as you can see below. Peacocks give you all the best blues, plus purples and turquoisey-greens. Colourbomb time!

So the peacock top from Evans (£27) was eagerly awaited, then. The wide neck is deep enough to flatter, and that dippy-scoopy hem is thigh-flattering joy. Sadly (or not), when it came, the print was embossed with glitter - not quite right for my workplace. I wore it out on a Friday night though - with red accents (bangle and lips) - and it was fierce. Loved it. Is it eighties? The big print and voluminous shape make it retro, but the design and colours are tasteful and flattering. Let's call it 'good eighties'.


  1. Glad you're back. I always enjoy reading your blog. Can't wait to actually be able to wear some of the clothes too. gaijingirl

  2. I'm glad too!! Ceej x

  3. me too! feyr x x x

  4. Ha! I have the EXACT same boots! Virtually impossible to get hold of now (Limited Collection) but they are FAB aren't they? :)

  5. those boots are available online, under limited collection, last page. they were out of stock for ages but most sizes back in now


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