Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A new one on me: Joules.

My big sister sent me a link yesterday to a site with such seriously pretty things that I couldn't wait to bring them to you.

Joules declare themselves to be "inspired by ... the love of all things equestrian and country" - and you'd be forgiven for thinking that that doesn't sound very swelegant.  And, in fact, I did find most of their collection to be a bit 'Henley Regatta': upper middle class, tastefully bland, desexualised, sporty, casual wear.  But then... Oh my! Such gorgeous, gorgeous frocks.  Such beautiful bags.  Such reasonable prices. The frock above, for example has a timeless cut, and beautiful teeny polka dots.  It's streets beyond the largely shapeless output of Boden, for example - but at only £65, far cheaper.

The frock above was the one that inspired my sister to contact me. The oversized gingham is fun and retro, the full skirt and fitted waist are flattering, and that crossover V neckline is perfect for bigger boobs.  I love the way, too, that the waist tie can be fastened behind or with a cute bow in front, as in the second picture.  I got rather excited about this dress, but then discovered that nothing on the site goes beyond an 18.  That's such a missed opportunity for them.  It's £55 - which is Dorothy Perkins kind of prices, for heaven's sake.

It's the attention to design detail that gets me excited about this store. Look at the lightweight jumper dress above.  Such a pretty colour, but look at those cuffs on the elbow length sleeves, or the flattering waistband panel, and then notice that each of the three buttons is a different colour. At £69 it's a little pricey, but this would be such a great, easy, throw-on frock for work.

The next frock is available in two perfect fabrics. As you can see on the model, it's less full-skirted and feminine than the first two frocks... but you know my feelings about polka dots, and how lovely is that summery Cath Kidston-style chintzy floral?  This dress is retro-flavoured, but without going the whole hog, and perfect for less curvy girls. It's £55.

Lastly a couple of gorgeous bags. The first one is a retro leather daytime handbag that costs a fairly serious £130, but it makes me wish with all my heart that I'd held off buying my car for a month so that I could afford it.  Aqua leather.  For summer.  *sigh*  And I'm not even a particular fan of handbags.  The second is also fabulously retro in wicker, and as pretty as candy hanging off your arm all summer long.  A more reasonable £39, I already have a very similar vintage bag, but if you don't...  Both these bags come in other colours, by the way.


  1. I thought this one was really pretty too. I have a £5 off voucher but right now I can't justify buying ANYTHING :(

  2. That's a gorgeous shape, but those pastels dont suit many people. Best for olive / tan / darker skins.


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