Saturday, 16 January 2010

A new direction - back to the missions.

I've received a new mission from a New Zealand reader:

Yay! I'd missed your blog Charlotte, great to have you posting again!

I have a questions for SSS- my look has fallen a bit flat! I'm getting past the jeans-and-t-shirt-for-all-occasions phase I've been in for the last decade, but I've no real inspiration of what to look for instead. I don't want to be too "flowery" but I do want to feel a bit more feminine and look a bit smarter. I'm pretty busty, size 12UK (14AUS), olive skin and dark hair. What colours/styles should I be looking at?

 This lady is gorgeous: tall, dark and beautiful.  She rides motorbikes, too. Very seriously cool.  But not even she can make jeans and t-shirts look swelegant.  So what can she do?  Well, I'm not going to start suggesting frocks for every occasion, but I'm fairly confident there's a clear path to a gorgeous look that she'll find wearable.  The key change is going to be focused on tops.  She's a slim lady, so it's not that we want to disguise anything, but big boobs need to be both accentuated and at the same time, not allowed to steal the all the limelight.

It's summer in New Zealand, and a pretty top worn with plain linen trousers (I assume the model on the left forgot hers) is a look that's feminine and elegant, but also relaxed and practical.  Olive skins need deep colours near the face, but avoid black, dark blue, green etc in summer because it just doesn't sit well in the sunshine (fortunately, this matters less on your bottom half).  Try patterns (polka dots, stylised flowers, stars...) which feature intense bright colours such as crimsons, deep turquoises, bright sky blues and raspberry pinks.  Avoid thin straps like the plague if you have big boobs - you need a wider strap to make your boobs look in proportion.  Halternecks - with thick straps - can, however, look stunning if back and arms are slim - the one above is a great cut, though probably too light in colour to flatter our girl.  Avoid anything with a high or strictly horizontal neckline and say 'no' to strapless tops or anything with smocking over the bust.  Try to find tops with some kind of empire-line (horizontal seam under the bust) as this will stop big boobs from making the whole torso look matronly.  Avoid vest tops where possible - something in a non-cling fabric will make you look fresh, cool and elegant (as well as skimming any little lumps and bumps).

For work, and in cooler weather, my recommendation is the kimono neckline.  Wear it with a vest, (as left) for daytime modesty, and without for maximum impact.  The kimono top will have an empire line profile(probably with ties at the back), and either a deep plunging, or slightly cross-over neckline.  If there are sleeves they should be wide and loose.  These tops come in lots of different fabrics, from t-shirt cotton to silk and couldn't be easier to wear.  It's really no different to t-shirt and jeans.  They look great with dark denim slim-cut bootlegs or skinny jeans, leggings, or my preference, which is the straight-cut wide-leg trouser. Keep shoes flat.
Lastly, I must apologise for there being no actual shopping recommendations here.  Wrong hemisphere and wrong season - but I hope the principles help.

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  1. It's been ages since you wrote this for me, and thanks once again! There's less of a clothing range available here on the fronteir but I have managed to acquire some gorgeous kimono tops for work, and they look fabulous! Still working on shaking off the last of the t-shirts, but progress is being made :) So glad to see this being upate, you're an inspiration!


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