Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Friday Frock Factor Five

Lots and lots of new visitors to the blog this week, so if that's you: welcome, and let me tell you all about Friday Frocks. Just over a month ago I launched a manifesto to spread a little happiness through making an extra effort with what you wear on a Friday.  It doesn't have to be a frock, boys can join in, and it's all relative to your own everyday standards of glam.  For you, Friday Frocks might be a whole showstopping look, or it might just be a clean T-shirt... so long as you made the extra effort in honour of Friday, and doing so made you feel good about yourself.

 Last Friday was the fifth week of Friday Frocks and I know through checking the hashtag #fridayfrocks on Twitter that lots and lots of people in the UK, and also several in New Zealand and in Ireland are now dosing themselves up with Friday fabulousness.  But it's the usual suspects who are sending me their pics.  Can we make it a mission for next week?  If you are or know a Friday Frocker who we haven't seen here before, capture their image and sent it to me! (Email address is on the left of the page) Of course, I do still want to see the hardcore loyal swelegencia... and why wouldn't I when they look as fabulous as Maeve in a dotty outfit I could die for.  Gorgeous with her colouring, too.

Making good on her promise of colour, @Girl_in_a_Box here looks fresh as a country garden, despite the service-station loos backdrop!  If you don't feel the ditsy, floral type, something more down to earth, like this chunky leather belt can make the outfit more 'you'.  It works because the light floral fabric is juxtaposed with the solidity of the belt, which accentuates the femininity without making it feel 'too much'.

Suzi here is working a summery, preppy look for a day at home - and helpfully proving that frocks are optional.  The soft blue cardigan looks rich against the more utilitarian fabrics of the rest of the outfit, and lends an air of luxury.  I love those simple black birkenstocks too.  You can wear black sandals with bare legs, but avoid too much foot coverage: these are perfect.

She also got creative and treated herself (and us) to an elegant updo.  It's the kind of thing that Friday frocks is all about: a little extra effort that makes you feel a little bit special all day.

After last week's gorgeous maxi dress, Bonita is a hot contender once again for frock of the week in this fabulous monochrome number.  The angel sleeves and deep V neckline are super-flattering, even for those of us not as slim as Bonita, and the addition of the broad black belt gives shape and finish  to the look.  This kind of stylised floral pattern is a great way to 'wear summer' even if you're not the flowery type
My offering this week (and please ignore the somewhat sulky face) isn't a frock either.  I bought this skirt in the sale at Monsoon a few years ago, but have only worn it a couple of times as I'm really not fond of navy.  I don't know quite how it can have taken me so long however, to notice that some of the flower appliques are red which is definitely a favourite colour. Loved this outfit, and got loads of compliments around school.  Sometimes you need to know what works for you.  For me, there are summery colours - pastels make me look ill!

In the end, though, we were all outclassed by @BeBelongy's eleven week old daughter.  As a new mum she felt Friday Frocks was something she could best express through her delicious babe, and I think we'd all agree that the youngest member of the swelegencia wears it very well.

So - that was week five.  Get planning for Friday and don't forget to send me the evidence!

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