Monday, 14 June 2010

Friday Frocks Goes Fourth

The word continues to spread and people are Friday Frocking who've never visited the blog - hurrah (although, obviously I'd prefer them all to be reading the blog too...!)

First as always, to see in the new Friday, was lovely New Zealand-dwelling Scot, Rozi.  Love those autumnal berry colours she's been wearing lately - and the perfect necklace to complete the look.

 You've heard of poodle skirts? Well my colleague @Charlotte82 added some glitz to the school with this full skirt featuring a sequined cat applique, accessorised by a gold lurex cardigan and simple metallic pumps. Proving sparkle is perfectly acceptable for workwear if it's kept localised.

Continuing the feline theme, next is lovely Fay, who remembered to Friday frock even though she was excitingly taking delivery of two brand new kittens - and she's thoughtfully modelled with one of them here.  The slightly sixties A-line dress is accentuated by the retro knee boots, and both are plain enough to be perked up by her patterned tights (as always, click on the pics for a larger view).

Apparently shy @debsa sent this very sexy office look.  Her great legs are accentuated by those nude-toned shoes, and the tucked in and belted cardigan gives a flattering and womanly V shape above that funky belt.

@Girl_In_A_Box kept up the good work with this leg-enhancing polka dot dress and, I'm told, lace top holdups.  The rain mac is also fab - the black is sexy and the cinched waist makes her all about the hourglass.


Now last week, @Girl_In_A_Box made promises that this week she'd go for some colour - and I held up my end of the bargain in jade green - but it was miserable weather, to be fair (hence the thick black leggings), so I'm laying down the gauntlet: let this Friday be for colourful frocks - come rain or come shine...

Beautiful Bonita couldn't have been more summery, however.  This maxi dress is elegant and beautifully light - surely one of the prettiest Friday frocks to date.

Amanda went one further and got out in the garden - although I see those tights, and they prove that it was no less of an inclement day where she was.  I love this frock - you all know my feelings on polka dots anyway, but the floral motif add flattering colour splashes and the asymmetric hem is fun and perky.

Lastly coordination queen Maeve rocking a particularly juicy cherries and cream look - the scarf ties together the top and bolero with panache, and she looks summer fresh and totally cheeky.  In fact, she even took the look to these cutesy polka dot mary janes. 

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  1. Good effort all round, but Bonita's dress is absolutely beautiful :)


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