Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Friday Frocks - The Magnificent Seventh

Another week of massive participation in Friday Frocks; I recruited some posters from webforum Urban 75 to the cause. If any swelegant readers also post on forums, you could try spreading the joy of frocks in that way.

First this week is Trashy in a divine vintage dress. Denim is very big this season, and I love the 1980-style detailing here. She wasn't sure about the length, but I think it's a great feature that's part of what makes this look so retro-chic. She's styled it beautifully with those peeptoe wedges, and a pair of oversized tortoiseshell sunglasses would complete the look.  Or she could go more rock-chick with a bright red belt and heels.

Two Friday frocks from Lesley, I love the gorgeous white and navy vintage dress: that fabric creates great lines and structure, and the circular detail adds a fabulous three-dimensional texture. And then the second frock proves that animal print can be completely classy, especially, when here it's used for a clean-lined, tailored piece.

Urban 75's 'wayward bob' next in a really beautiful fabric. And a look that she described as hippy, but I think is utterly lovely. The way that deep vertical split is echoed by the long lines of the outfit and her lean figure creates an overall impression of elegance.

Another urbanite, drag0n, joined in with this full-on glamorous makeup look.  There's an oft repeated rule that in makeup you should focus attention on either the eyes or the lips. It's a rule I generally ignore, but it's hard to argue that drag0n doesn't look amazing with those sexy smoky eyes - and that the effect wouldn't have been less dramatic had it been fighting for attention with full-on lips. Maybe I should take a leaf from her book...

Maeve also focused on the details this week.  Her plain black outfit is the perfect backdrop to draw attention to these well matched, but not matching collection of silver accessories.  I love that: the way they all belong to the same aesthetic, but are interesting because of their differences. Beautiful.

My colleague Charlotte looking effortlessly gorgeous here in a simple red sundress.  Summer makes most of us veer away from dark colours, but we don't all suit pastels. If you're white with dark hair, you may well find pale shades make you look washed out - so look for summer brights.  Like most brunettes, Charlotte looks amazing in red, and the simplicity of the dress allows the colour to give the wow factor.

On the other hand, if you have a tan or naturally darker skin, white stops counting as a pale colour and becomes a bright. Twitter's @BeBelongy wasn't sure about the length here, but I think she looks fab. I'm not a fan of gladiator sandals, but these gold ones are close enough to her skintone that they don't shorten the leg. I adore that headband too. So cute.

@mikedixon looking moody again, this time in a gorgeous white shirt that he obligingly popped that second button on, and then sent me another photo. The shirt is by superdry, and Mike says it's like wearing fine Egyptian cotton. Me, I like the black detailing, especially on the inside of the collar. It makes my eyes follow it inside the shirt, which I'm sure is something a lot of men would want ladies finding themselves doing....

Edie sent me this gorgeous photo of her in her Friday frock, and although I can't see much of the dress (what I can see - deep V neck, full, floaty skirt - I like a lot) the photo itself is gorgeous, isn't it? Friday frocks photography getting arty? I didn't expect that.

But then, this has to be the most enthusiastic photo we've had so far. Another Urban 75 type, scifisam, searing a simple summer dress with an unfussy monochrome floral print.Prints like this are a good compromise if you can't bear to let go of black altogether, and there are quite a few of them around this summer.  I love the draped neckline here, too... but of course mostly I love the pose. This is how good I hope Friday frocks should make you feel.

Gorgeous 'mentalchik' teamed her monochrome floral dress with skinny-fit jeans for a casual-glam look. Personally, I can't wear jeans in the sort of heat we had last week, but she wears them well and the effect is flattering and fun.

Lovely Rozi (@EatOrBeEaten on Twitter - follow her!) is one of Friday Frocks' biggest cheerleaders, and this week she not only bought a new dress but had a gorgeously flattering new haircut ready for Friday. Remember she's in New Zealand, so she's wearing fashionable grey in the form of a jumper dress. It's important with grey to add some interest, and her warm-toned necklace and chunky ring make this look dressy and put together. It's hard to wear a necklace with this kind of cowl neck, but the length and weight off these beads are perfect.

So many of the dresses in the shops are short at the moment, and I know it's something the swelegencia are finding annoying. @hayleyjgreen solves the problem here by layering this dress with it's flattering empire line and stylised floral design over a similarly flowing skirt.  The line of the dress is continued down, successfully creating an elongated silhouette.

Suzi says this frock makes her "walk tall and smile wide", and what more could you want? The cafe au lait colour is warm enough to flatter her skintone, and the deep square neck provides a frame so that attention is focused on the face, smiling widely. See too how those sandals, so similar in tone to her complexion, elongate the legs.

Conversely, tempertantrum chooses black shoes, which allow her to accessorise this tailored floral summer dress with a smart black jacket - without the shoes, the black would seem too heavy. However, these shoes, although black, really only appear to cover the toe, so the line of her legs isn't broken until the last moment. Very smart.

My offering last week was a bit of a break from the norm. I didn't choose this dress, I was exhorted to buy it by my mother-in-law a couple of years ago.  Although it's pretty and I love the zigzag seaming at the dropped waist, the lack of tailoring at the bust and waist and the pearshaped silhouette aren't very flattering to my 'over-inflated-hourglass' body. However, it's very cool in the heat - and it coordinates perfectly with my turquoise and pink flowered Birkenstocks.

On Friday @Girl_In_A_Box (left) was bridesmaid at @LittleModChick's wedding. Not technically Friday frocks, but how could I resist.  Particularly because I wanted to talk about how great these bridesmaids look.  When you have attendants of different shapes and sizes, it's cruel to put them all in the same dress. The solution here, of frocks in the same fabric but a shape to suit each girl, is both elegant and kind.  That kingfisher colour is gorgeous and flattering to all the ladies too.

@Girl_In_A_Box did single out The Lady Vee among the wedding guests as being particularly Friday frocktastic. I can see why - the colours on this dress are deep and jewel-like, perfect for a special occasion and so flattering to her colouring.

Lastly, the bride herself. @LittleModChick has the perfect figure for this dress: not enough boobage and the corset top will look sad and empty, too much and you look fleshy and unsupported. The diagonal pleating over the bodice enhances her waist and adds subtle detail and interest to the simple ivory. I love the way, too, that those delicate curls just touch her bare shoulders.  All brides look beautiful, but this is elegant too.

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