Saturday, 3 July 2010

Now, Voyager - Trashy-fabulous Temptations

Much as we might be dedicated to swelegance, few of us can afford to buy a whole new outfit whenever the mood takes us. That's when you need accessories.  Not your bog-standard, identikit bits of outfit-garnish, but gorgeous focal points that will attract glances and compliments whenever you wear them.

So let me introduce you to Now, Voyager. This is a small business based in Southend-on-Sea, and they stock loads of lovely bits and pieces - perfect for adding a touch of glory to your look.  I'm a big fan of floral hairclips: they are a great way of injecting some bright colour to your outfit, and by carrying your look through above the neck it helps you look more 'put together', rather than being all about the clothes.  Now, Voyager's own range of hair flowers are some of the best I've seen.  They're bright, yes - but they're also large: I think a larger hair accessory looks more balanced and less like an afterthought or an apology. I'm definitely going to buy the sunflowers (£8.50) and the poppy (£7.00) above  and - depending on how my spending goes for this pay packet - possibly one or two others as well.

You'll have noticed a retro aesthetic to the photos used, but I really believe a floral hairclip can work regardless of your look.  However, that rockabilly sensibility is their guiding design principle.  That doesn't mean, though, that you have to go wholesale for the look. Take the necklace above. By Bow & Crossbones, it's £12.50, available in silver or gold finished brass and would work beautifully to add something a bit special to the current big nautical trend that's all over the high street.

Wedding season is upon us, and people love a fascinator... but I like them in principle much more than practice, where I feel the design opportunity is often wasted in favour of producing anonymous sprigs of feather and ribbon.  Some of the larger hair accessories at Now, Voyager however, are perfect for wedding guests who want to look truly fabulous. The butterfly clip at the top of this post is really lovely and sure to attract compliments. The black and white pompom above (£9.50) would be an easy alternative to a pillbox hat for city nuptuals, while the fabulously huge orchid (right, £9.50) is perfect for those who love the theatricality of a wedding.

If that's not your style, you're not off to any weddings, and you like to look a little more frivolous, then there's plenty on offer. In fact some of what's in store is a little bizarre.  There's a whole range of cake hairclips, another made from children's toys, but how about a big feathery bird (available in a  range of colours £8.50), or a small, girly straw hat (£14.50) complete with trailing ribbons?


  1. Oooh I love the butterflies and poppy :) want!

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