Thursday, 12 August 2010

A Bumper Compendium of Friday Frocks: Part Two - Week Eleven

I'm on my holidays, and despite being assured that there'd be internet access, I've only been able to get online today. Picture the scene - husband and I arrive at our gorgeous cottage for a relaxing, romantic escape, only for me to wail 'But what about the blog?!'

So - week eleven. First we have Nicola looking very sporty but no less glam in this cute blue and white frock.  The regular summer visitation of nautical fashion themes isn't to everyone's taste, but navy and white can look fresh and flattering. Look for spots or simple floral prints to bring these colours into your own style.

A beautiful, glam-dressed-down look from 'wayward bob' next. For many of us this would be very dressy indeed, but Bob tends to rock a more tailored, vintage look. It's still Friday frocktastic, though - the button-detailing and the collar give a hint of 1940s tea dress, and the soft red shade of the hoody makes the outfit look sexy, in a well-behaved, taking-the-kids-to-the-park kind of way.

The first Friday frocks couple are @christhewinter and @wintersgroupie. he looks very smart from what I can see - I love that marine blue wash of the jeans - but Ms groupie looks simply stunning.  The gladiator sandals work with the maxi dress because there's no leg-line to cut off, and of course the two together combine in creating a classical look.  The detailing on the dress is well chosen too.  The chunky scale of the buckle ring is flattering, and the pale colour of it helps to lend a certain lightness to the otherwise overwhelming black: important with such fair colouring.

This is 'madzone' and it's her first Friday frock offering - doesn't she look great?  We've seen a lot of black and grey combinations over the weeks, and you can expect to see many more.  The leggings and the cardigan give comfort, coverage and practicality, allowing the sexy lower neckline to feel 'daytime'.  The belt is flattering, emphasising the waist, and the width of it is in proportion to the fullness of the skirt.  The chunky pearls are effortless glamour and the eye makeup is a little bit rock-chick sexy.

A similar look this week from Maeve - but the cherry-red gives a completely different feel. I wear a lot of red, but from an unbiased perspective, red is associated with passion - and so it's sexy, but it's also bright.  Bright colours draw attention: they look vibrant and suggest energy, so there's an association of fun too.  Not all reds suit all people, but it's worth finding the ones that suit you.

Lesley is wearing the most gorgeous vintage dress this week - all tailored darts and seaming, showing off her trim curves. Lovely as it is, she's wise to let the dress be centre of our attention - with bold florals it's best to keep accessories simple, as we see here (cat optional).

Another week and another torso shot from 'strumpet'. It's a beautifully detailed top covered with a cardigan, and a good example of how you can Friday frock even if, as here, you're going to be busy moving house and lugging boxes all day.  Notice too, how a closed fitting cardigan can make the waist look tiny.

It's the blooming, beautiful mum-to-be @mrsfran next.  The tunic worn with wide-leg trousers is a perennial favourite, but this one's particularly lovely, and flattering to a larger bust with its crossover, kimono-style neckline. The wave-shaped line at the hem and neck edges  is feminine and soft, too.

There's a really energetic-geometric pattern on the dress @hayleyjgreen is wearing this week. The longer lines and closer fit of the dress are flattering as is the crossover neckline and long sleeve.  The whole effect is smart but also quite fun, especially with those cute green mary-janes.

No frocking by me this week (I was ill in bed), so I'll let @Girl_In_A_Box have the last word. A simply swelegant, summery, stylishly-casual look, dressed up by that showstopping dragonfly necklace and the detailing of the scarf used as a belt.  The lemon pastel palette tones without being too matchy, and although you wouldn't see much of it as worn, I love that 'retro illustration' design - is that Nicola on her bike?

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