Tuesday, 25 May 2010

First Friday Frocks Gallery of Glam

Oh-so-many of you loved the idea of Friday frocks - and the world was a more fabulous place for it last Friday.  I know too, that some forgot... but that's the glory of Fridays, there's always another one along soon.  To whet your appetite for next week, here's a round up of last week's Friday frockers.

First out of the gate was Twitter's gorgeous @_idioteque rocking a high-contrast, retro look.  Love that eyemakeup.

My DJ mate (@nipsla) Tweeted me this gorgeous photo taken in the loos at her day job.  How wonderfully summery do those white lace leggings look?

This wonderfully summery orange frock was also snapped at work - this time in the mirrors of a lift - but we get the idea: those lovely loose sleeves look deliciously cool.

Of course, Friday frocks needn't mean a dress.  My colleagues sported some splendid separates and accessories.  This lady is always well-groomed, but this emerald satin blouse was just breath-taking.

This vest-top is easy-wear, but the super-feminine ruffles are enhanced by the girly pearls-and-bow necklace, and the whole thing brings out her peachy complexion.

Another pretty pink look - the floral pattern in the summer top is given punch with the lovely raspberry-pink cardie, matched perfectly by large, intricate pink earrings (perhaps hard to see - but take my word for it, they were lovely).

You know my love for polka dots... and this dress demonstrates that yellow can not only be flattering to pale skin, but elegant too.

Of course, not only are not all Friday frockers wearing dresses, they aren't all ladies.  @mikedixon Tweeted this picture of a deeply natty hat.  Exactly in the spirit of Friday frocks.

Another friday frocker here wearing a dress over leggings.  It's a practical, wearable way to feel comfortable in a dress.  Great belt action, too.

This gorgeous woman bought her frock especially for Friday! Hopefully she'll get lots of wear out of it, though - it's a classic, flattering style and I love that bow at the waist.  Great necklace too.

Lastly, me.  Red gingham seersucker (needed an iron, though - whoops).  The dress had pointless ties at the back when I bought it, so I cut them off, and was inspired to tie one in my hair.  I think it's that bow in the hair that gives this look the retro Fifties/Dorothy feel. 

I hope those of you who did join in with Friday frocks loved the day - I certainly got lots of compliments (but I do work in a girls' school and kids can be effusive), and I hope you did too.  Regardless, I really hope you got a 'zing' from knowing you looked extra fabulous, and that you're already planning your outfit for this week.

Friday frocks will happen every week - and if you guys send me photos I promise to post them up here so everyone can see how great you look.

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