Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Manifesto - Look forward to Friday.

While I've been away, I've been trying something out - and I've come to the conclusion that it's such a good idea it could change the world for the better.  And as with all revolutionary ideas, it needs a manifesto...

  • Dressing up lifts the spirits - compliments may come; the day feels special.
  • One day a week is a realistic goal to aim to dress more swelegantly.
  • For most of us, Friday is already an optimistic day, and for many, a day that might end socially.
  • A frocktastic Friday will bring sparkle to the week - and is something to look forward to.
  • Sharing the positivity of Friday Frocks with your friends and colleagues, even your family, will increase the levels of happy around you.
 So - we all have our own day-to-day balance of style, comfort and ease of dressing.  Different ages, bodies, occupations and inclinations put us all in different starting places, but I believe we can all make that little extra effort with our outfit to make it look a bit special. That's what Friday Frocks is all about. Normally at work (I'm a Drama teacher) I wear wide-leg trousers and some kind of tunic or top, plus flat ankle boots in winter and birkenstocks in summer... But for the past few weeks I've made that little extra effort of a Friday.  Now for me, that's meant putting on a frock (or dress, for my lovely overseas readers), and some prettier footwear - and checking my lipstick during the day so I can reapply it when it wears off (something a rarely bother to do).

Friday Frocks doesn't have to be about dresses - if you don't wear frocks you might join in with fabulous statement jewellery, or a pair of heels, or taking more time with your hair.  Boys might go for a gorgeous vintage Liberty tie, or a stylish shirt (my husband now has three red-wine coloured work shirts - I keep buying them for him because they are smart but striking - the very essence of Friday Frocks).  On the other hand, you may already be the picture of everyday classy dressing - but I'm sure you could bring something extra to Fridays: witty accessories, brighter colour accents, finer footwear...

Lastly, I like the idea of people sharing this new habit, and therein spreading the little bit of pleasure that comes with knowing you look like a slightly better version of yourself.  My colleagues were mostly really positive when I mentioned it to them last week and I reckon some will join in this week - and of course, I'm sharing it with you...  but if you like the idea, spread it (and the compliments) around.  If you're among the Twitterati, tell us all what you're wearing or better - link to a photo - and add the #FridayFrocks hashtag.  Link to this post on Facebook or elsewhere on the net, and above all, tell people.  This idea may die on it's arse - but it's so positive I don't think it deserves to.

I particularly welcome your comments on this one, lovely readers, and if after Friday you'd like to send me a link or photo of your Friday Frocks outfit, via the comments box or email, I'll happily share your fabulousness with the rest of the swelegencia ...


  1. I am definitely Friday-frocking this week! Currently thinking of red dress with White spots! Love one of your lovely colleagues x

  2. Bloody brilliant idea! You are a genius as well as a lovely lady! I shall be joining in. Going to dig through my tired wardrobe before Friday. Might even buy a new frock soon if I can manage to!
    Thanks, Charlotte! Love your blog loads x

  3. If I wasn't attending an INSET about first Aid then I'd be friday frocking it this week! I may thursday Frock it instead. Lovely idea though!

  4. Love this idea - I'm such a scruffbag most of the time, but when I do heed the call of the frock I always feel better for it. Consider this a timely prod towards swelegance!

  5. thats a frocking excellent idea ... i'm going to suggest it tomorrow at work and see if i can make it happen this week ...

    as someone who God probably blessed a little (and then i paid for the rest) - i am a disgrace and never make much of an effort.

    thanks Swelegant Charlotte for the reminder :-)

  6. The opposite of dress down/casual friday! Great idea.
    On fridays I adopt my alter ego "super mum" so I'll be spreading the word at the school gate and wearing something fabulous.
    That ought to give the gossipy old harridens in their sports wear something to tut about.

  7. Good Idea at Uni and finished for the year so will be delivering leaflets with make-up on on frinday and yes I'll twitter this too.


  8. Love the idea Charlotte!

    I rock a frock most days, but all in favour of anything which makes life a bit more beautiful - will ensure I don't let the side down on Fridays.

  9. excelent site/blog, i'm doing it on saturdays instead


  10. Thanks Carrie - and all of you! Don't forget to send me your photos. xxx


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