Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Get Cutie - frocks with style and substance.

Right - I've been quiet again, for which I apologise. Imagine personal matters daring to take precedence over matters sartorial! I have, in fact, received a mission from a reader, but I suspect I'm too late to help her. However, it's a common request, and the shop I've found to solve her problem is so fabulous that I can't possibly not share it with you.


I just found your blog tonight and I'm loving it!
Looking at the pics of your frocks and the advice you've given to others has inspired me and I was hoping you might be able to help me find a fab dress for a wedding at the end of May. I'm singing at the wedding so all eyes will be on me at some point and I would like to look good! (well amazing if possible!). So far all my searches for the right dress have ended with me hitting a brick wall and I am getting a bit desperate!

I am a size 22/24 on top (and an F cup so large bust) and a 24/26 on the bottom. I have a long upper body and tend to wear dresses that are more empire line style and usually with a v-neck front.  I don't mind my upper arms showing too much but would rather have a bit of a sleeve or something to cover at some point.

I usually shop at evans, simplybe etc and ocassionally Monsoon depending on the style of the dress (i.e. if there is a bit of give then I can get into their size 22) but there is nothing inspiring me at the moment. I have had a look at some of the sites on your blog such as collectif but none of them seem to go above a size 20.

I have ordered this dress in purple as a possibility but I feel a bit meh about it:

I'm blonde with fairly pale skin (at the moment!) and love the retro/pinup look although sometimes the tailoring doesn't work well with my bust. I love bright colours and patterns too.

Can you help a lady in distress please?!



One of the best parts of writing this blog is that it leads me to discover new purveyors of stylish schmutter for my own wardrobe, and rarely have I been more excited than when I discovered Brighton boutique Get Cutie.  Their pitch is this: limited range of well-designed styles (four skirts, nine dresses, two men's shirts and a small range of assorted sundries), available in a large range of sizes (up to a 24) and critically, an unbeatably chic range of almost 100 print fabrics.

click for larger

For Amy, I recommend two styles.  First is the long, cap-sleeved dress (above). The shape is so flattering to Amy: draws attention to her great boobs (she can easily add a camisole or vest top underneath if the effect is too boobalicious for a wedding), but the diagonal lines actually help to make them look less bulky. The bodice does the same job as Amy's generally favoured empire-line - on a long body it helps to accentuate the difference between boobs and waist - here, though it is tailored for a more pronounced effect.  I'd wear some high-waisted control undies with this to aid the slimming effect.  Finally, the A-line skirt will flare out over heavier hips, thighs and bums.  The length is spot on for our girl, too - although there is a shorter version (top), more suited to less tall bodies.  Unlike the photos, though, I'd wear a summery style like this with a lightweight wedge sandal or espadrille, tied elegantly at the ankle.  The dress is £99.50 - which considering the dress will be made to order if they don't have it in stock is excellent value.

The second option (the half-sleeve dress) is perhaps less summery, and offers more arm coverage. The shape is more or less the same, but those longer-than-normal short sleeves are flattering, drawing the horizontal line at a thinner part of the arm.  This dress also feels more formal (I think it's the turned-back cuffs) and is therefore possibly more suitable for a formal 'do', as well as being more wearable year-round.  This one is £105.

I really recommend having a look through the Get Cutie site no matter what body shape you are.  There are halternecks and strapless numbers, pencil silhouettes...  frocks for all.


  1. Great article Charlotte, really enjoyed it !! Thankyou for the write up . Hope Amy found a dress.
    Fiona from Get Cutie xx

  2. These dresses are realllly cute! - I just wanted to thank you for answering me on LOOKVILLE. Thank you - I am hoping to open my store in UK and have it on the internet. so Thank you xx - Would you be interested if I sold clothes and accessories like what is on Pinupgirlclothing.com and other sites like it?


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