Monday, 16 February 2009

Cheap and Cheaper

Simply Be. Internet and mail order company stocking lines for sizes 14-32. Win points for having a generally bolder sense of design than High Street competitors Evans - lose points for being of massively variable quality, and having large amounts of just really ugly clothes. I always feel like Simply Be should be cheaper than it is, to compensate for the last two points. When they have significant reductions, however, it becomes much more interesting to me.

Party season may be over, but this little black dress is a great wardrobe standby. I know most of you will love the sleeves - designed to flatter even the largest arms. The sash is interchangeable with a black one, apparently - but if you have a significant tummy you might want to leave the bow off altogether. It comes in two lengths: the shorter is now only £22.50 - reduced from £75 (it's from the Caryn Franklin range and therefore attracted a bigger price tag). The longer version is better for more formal events, but costs £40 (reduced from £80). Terrible choice of shoes with bare legs, by the way: they make her ankles look thick.

Also by Caryn Franklin is this rather splendid red blouse - great for brunettes, and wearable for all shapes because of the flattering V neck. Bigger boobed reader should probably err on the larger side to avoid button strain. It's £10 - reduced from £40. The cropped jeans come in black or indigo, and the split at the calf helps them to flare, and hence visually balance out your thighs - very curvy. It also means that the line between your leg and your hem is less defined, which is also very flattering. £10.50.

These leather boots are available in a massive variety of calf widths, and cost £26. The link takes you to the page for the largest width, drop me an email if you can't find the page for the size you want. I love the plum colour, but the tan has a real retro, 'Cagney and Lacey' feel to it, if you know what I mean.

Lastly, some bras. The size range is limited beyond my use, but most of you should be able to take advantage of these offers. The first is by Freya at Fantasie, and comes in blush (shown) and black - £17. It's a truly fab bra - great shape and uplift. I own it in 6 different colours (it's stocked in more sizes elsewhere). Available up to an F cup. Long term SSS readers will recognise the next bra. It's by Panache who are a great brand. It's a steal at £14, available up to a G cup, and doesn't the size 14 underwear model look refreshingly curvy? The last of this trio is by a brand I've never heard of and only available up to an E cup - but I've included it because it's fabulous fun, and would look amazing on show beneath a deep V neck or wrap dress / top. £12. Follow the links on the pages top the matching knickers etc.


  1. I find Panache is cut quite sparingly, whereas Freya is the best underwear brand - I don't wear anything else now. Great quality, fit and styles.

  2. I can't say I agree - I find it really varies between styles, though I will admit that panache is the only brand who'I've found to vary between different colours of the same style!

  3. Toni (gaijingirl)5:25 pm, March 01, 2009

    I'm thinking about getting the longer Caryn Franklin dress - do you know how big/small Simply Be sizes come up?. I'm currently a 16/18/20 depending on where I shop!! Probably an 18 is my true size. (This blog is very dangerous btw!!)

  4. i've found it mostly reliable for sizing - akin to evans, iykwim.


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