Thursday, 12 February 2009

...something bargainous, something blue

You'll have to be quick with this one, but Collectif are offering 30% off everything for orders placed before midnight saturday (14th). Coupon code is 'LOVE'. They've some new dress styles and a new print, but I'm rather peeved because all their new designs only go up to a size 16. Half the point of Collectif was that it stocked to a size 20/22. I've a good mind to write and express my frustration. What do you think?

Secondly, my gorgeous friend and colleague writes:

Does such a thing as a bright blue dress wrap dress exist anywhere? And would it suit my gingeryness? I have a real hankering. It haunts my dreams but I have searched and searched and can't find one.

To fill in the uninitiated, she is a tall, molten-copper-haired, hourglass-figured goddess. She'd turn heads in a potato sack, but yes indeed - a bright blue wrap frock will look amazing on her. Blue is a great colour for redheads - remember learning your complimentary colours at school? Orange and blue set each other off powerfully. For maximum impact, a deeper auburn should choose greenier blues, while a strawberry blonde should opt for iris-like shades. But that's a bit pernickerty, and at any rate, my friend's hair fits squarely into the middle of the spectrum.

(The other benefit of light, bright blues is that they flatter pale complexions. Remember this when choosing a swimsuit.)

I suspect that what appeals about the wrap dress is its slinky, figure-hugging qualities - as seen in DVF's archetypal jersey wrap dresses. Unfortunately, unless you want to spend DVF prices there aren't any bright blue wrap dresses around. The one I have found is more like a wrap version of a tea dress (you'll be seeing a lot of those this summer). It's by Jasmine Guinness at Oli. £46 reduced from £85 and available up to a size 20. This may not look much in the photo, but on my friend's dangerous curves it would look sensational - and I adore the stars. It's silk - so perhaps not for everyday (although - why not?) and the slightly darker blue is fabulous even for the end of winter.

But I'm fairly sure our girl had a different shade in mind. And it seems a shame not to go for really bright blues simply because there doesn't seem to be a wrap dress of that hue. Dotty P's have a couple of contenders. I like the wrap-influenced empire-line dress (£25), while I suspect my friend will be drawn to the cleaner lines of their pencil dress (£35).

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