Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A couple of quickies.

I've been asked to track down a red, fluffy bakerboy hat. A Bakerboy (aka newsboy) is like a full beret with a wide peak at the front, and they help to balance out a larger figure, particularly if, like me you don't have much volume in your hair.

I've had a really good scour, and pickings are a little slim, no doubt due to the preponderance of berets around this season, so I've had to go to ebay - but these are my best options:

Burgundy angora - £4.49


Scarlet fur - bidding starts at £1.49

Secondly, there's 15% off all orders over £50 at Dorothy Perkins until Saturday 14th Feb. Enter the promo code DPVALENTINE. Worth a special look for their insanely flattering 'flutter dress' - recommended a couple of months ago on these pages, and now available in Coral (for darker colouring) and Iris (for paler skins, blondes and especially redheads), as well as the black I mentioned yesterday - £25.

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  1. I bought this dress in black yesterday, and I bloody love it!


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