Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Party Bargains

Please do me ms charlotte. I need something to cheer me up. An outfit for a couple of christmas events (maybe even christmas day)... something that flatters/hides a large arse, doesn't show off my bingo wings - happy with dresses, skirts and troos, but on a bit of a budget.

One girl's budget is another girl's splurge, of course - but I'm going to try and keep this under £30.

First up is this empire line frock with 'flutter' sleeves by Dorothy Perkins. Empire lines are the best thing for disguising your bum, and I love this purple - although it also comes in black £25 - but 20% off that if you buy online today. M&S have a black dress (above right) with a similar cut, but a more flattering deep V neck, which sells for £29.50.

On the petite lady in question, if not on everyone, this flirty flutter smock by Joe Browns is going to skim over the bum. Team with black bootcuts or capris - it's really pretty, but it may not give the arm coveragre being looked for - we all have different levels of 'eek' about our arms. Regarding other tops, if you don't want to draw attention to your bum, you need to either tuck your top in at the waist, or opt for a tunic which falls to mid thigh. Most tops are designed to end at the widest part of the bum - and if you don't want to draw attention, you need a colour match with your bottom half, or a floaty fabric.

Speaking of bottom halves, skirts are certainly more flattering to bums than trousers. Personally, I'm of the 'got it - flaunt it' school of thought (in which case the gorgeous, high-waisted pencil skirts all over the shops are grand), but my girl wants to disguise hers, and so I suggest a cute, knee length full circle skirt. Collectif's black cherry 321 skirt is £30 but it does come with its own net underskirt. Ebay, however is the better bet. Search 'circle skirt' and you're spoiled for choice. The collectif skirt is designed to sit on the hip - which is fine, with a close-fitting tucked in top. I would probably go for a size smaller so that it could sit on the waist, however (since I'm so short, this won't make it into a mini skirt) and then wear a wide belt to cinch in the waist. The idea is that by drawing attention to the waist, the fullness over the bum in fact just serves to make the waist look smaller. I like a rigid belt - elastic belts have a tendency to curl at the top and bottom edges.

I'd wear this skirt with a long sleeve V neck which fitted quite closely. The one above is from M&Co and is under £7, but this kind of top is everywhere. Keep the top plain; with a flouncy skirt, you don't need a fussy top competing for attention!


  1. You're a star! Love the flutter sleeve dress, but can't decide if I can get away with purple, or to play it safe with the black, or the spotty one... wil let you know which I go for.

    Love the skirt and jumper combo too, but can only really get one new thing at the mo, so might have to be the dress... next pay day - maybe for my new years outfit :)

    (I have tried pencil skirts before, but my bum:thigh:height ratio doesn't seem to like it - unless it's very stretchy material... will still have a look though)

  2. Now if I thought I could guess what size would fit me, I would be nabbing some of those online bargains. Great suggestions.

  3. Thank you for introducing Collectif into my life! Just bought a cardie on their site, and a top for my sis :)


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