Thursday, 11 December 2008

Retro shop discovery

I stumbled across today. It's clearly a business in its infancy - and the site features some of the worst photography ever - but it's a hit-and-miss treasure trove of retro fun, apparently from the people behind Lady Laudanum (for those who may be familiar). Prices are reasonable for handmade stuff, and certainly comparable with or even cheaper than frocks from Pin Up Girl, Vivien of Holloway, Mode Merr, Stop Staring or Bettie Page clothing - all of whom stock similar stuff.

So - some items that caught my eye:

The Agapantha dress (above) is £56 and available up to a size 20. I just love the stand up collar and dramatic neckline.

The red and black 40's Casino Dress has wonderfully flattering sleeves, goes up to a 22 and is £50.

There's a whole section of dresses inspired by Monroe, including one copied from the fringed dress she wiggled down the platform wearing in 'Some like it hot' (£65).

Some of the gorgeous shapes have been made in rather fabulous modern fabrics - I particularly like this 40s tea dress made in Mexican 'dios de muerte' fabric (up to a size 22). I know from my own previous investigations that this fabric is quite pricey: hence the £73 price tag.

There are separates and also swimwear designs, including this adorable swimming dress with attached shorts and matching headband (£59). Cute as you like, but only up to an 18 - but then, it is December - by summer the site may stock bigger sizes or I might have shrunk.

What I am seriously tempted by is this gorgeous tartan frock - (£60). I don't know yet whether to go for the red or the blue/green option.

Decisions, decisions...


  1. Love the tartan dress - great cut and very pretty!

  2. hey - it's "Dia De Los Muertos" and your fave fabric has "calacas" on it (skeletons that go "calac, calac" when they move - or so the story goes)


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