Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Bit of skirt

Hey Ms Charlotte, I need a skirt. A plainish black one that comes to just below my footballer's knees that I can wear with woolly tights and bike boots, and that doesn't shout at whatever I wear on the top. I've tried a few on, but they had too much volume and make my derriere look even larger than it is. Oh, and I don't really have a waist as such, but I do have longish legs.

I love the look of a skirt with bike boots - very funky: utilitarian but girlie. My first choice will probably come lower than the tops of the boots - but they'll still be visible when you sit and climb stairs, etc - you might even take the chance to inject a flash of colour with some funky tights. This skirt is expensive (£48.90!) - but it's definitely long enough for our girl, as it comes from Long Tall Sally. I use it to illustrate a really flattering shape. Remember how bootcuts balance out weight above the knee with a flare below? This does the same thing - but the close fit to the knee is less bulky than a skirt which is full all the way down. I like the corduroy here, and the jeans-type styling at the waist. Cheaper - and more versatile due to a less 'casual' fabric is this similar skirt from Anna Scholtz at Simply Be (£35).

Also from Simply Be - and at a very reasonable £18 is this pencil skirt. Forget the secretary look in the picture. A pencil skirt with biker boots will look a little bit 'rock chick' - but in a dignified, flattering way. It won't disguise your bum - but it won't add any bulk at all, and the emphasis - especially given the longer 32" length - is on the vertical line, drawing the eye down the leg and not across the bum.

But once again it's Dotty P's who come up trumps with the easiest skirt to wear with biker boots. Unfortunately the plain black is pretty much sold out - but this grey and black striped 'witchy hem' skirt is a good buy at £22. The dippy, irregular hemline will contrast with the no-nonsense biker boots. If you wanted to take that look further you could look for something gauzy or floaty: pretty-hippy chic contrasted with heavy boots - it's a great look.

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  1. You horrible woman - you may just have cost me £50 on the cord one. Tis book marked and I am giving myself til the weekend as a cooling off period!


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