Sunday, 7 December 2008

Bombproof Makeup

I'm not dedicated to the careful maintenance of my makeup. I like to put it on at the beginning of the day or evening, and then not give it a second thought until I wake up the next morning and take it off. In between times I want it to stay looking fresh and glam.

Here I share with you my 'tried and tested' brands for maximum longevity.

The quest for kiss proof lipstick has been a long one. I was a devotee of lipcote in my teens, even though is stings on application like lemon juice on a paper cut. It was worth it, because I was a goth - and no sacrifice was too great for black cherry lips that didn't leave myself and my paramour smeared, like bingeing vampires, after a rigorous snogging session. I dallied with lipstains, but when I next embraced lip colours, Maxfactor had created Lipfinity - a new breed of lip paint, to be rendered wearable by a silicon gloss coat. Maybelline have a similar product, and they do work, but the glosses are unpleasant and the colour ranges limited.

Then I discovered Pro Longwear Lipcolour by MAC. It isn't cheap, and many of the colours are unimaginative, but the gloss coat is gorgeous and most importantly of all, the 'Lasting Lust' shade is a perfect, versatile, classy red. On Friday I applied it at 7pm, went out, ate tapas, drank all manner of booze and talked my head off - and woke up from my hangover on Saturday lunchtime with perfect scarlet lips. £15-odd, and you'd want to buy it in person rather than online because I find the colour representation on the MAC site to be way off - but this is a truly winning lipstick. Now all they need to do is introduce some really vivid berries and pinks.

To eyes. I wear liquid eyeliner and have done almost every day since I was 16 years old, these days I wear it - retro style on the top lid only. Believe me when I recommend liquid eyeliner by blinc - and their mascara - for unbeatable longevity. My biggest problem with other brands isn't so much lack of staying power, but a grubby grey build up that comes after a few days on my upper and lower eyelids if I don't use a super-powered eye makeup remover.

With blinc there's no need; it comes off with water and light friction. It's effectively waterproof (unless you rub your eyes) and smudge proof (unless you have wet hands). When you do remove it, it doesn't dilute into greyness - it comes off in strands - which takes a little getting used to, but it means there's no grey build up. Try it. Blinc isn't widely available in stores, but on their website you can order a trial size of the eyeliner and the mascara for £2.21 each. With each trial sizer you receive a 20% discount voucher for the full size, which sells for £17.62 - thus making the trial size effectively free.

My last recommendation is for nails. Once upon a time I was prepared to spend time doing my nails every day - which seems like something someone else would do when I think about it now. At any rate, for many years I haven't been bothered because after one good rummage in my handbag, I'd end up with horrific chips. Recently, my friend Amanda recommended L'Oreal's resist and shine - and I must say: I'm impressed. Four full days without chipping. Available all over the place for £4.99, or try eBay. Branded cosmetics can often be picked up cheaply on eBay.

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  1. OOoooo just ordered the eye liner and mascara trials! Thanks hun! :)


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