Thursday, 4 December 2008

Feet of Fabulousness

Notwithstanding my own advice on buying shoes, it's the best time of year to find gorgeous, glorious footwear in the shops. And since there's not much point owning shoes that aren't gorgeous and glorious it would be remiss of me not to have a look at what's around in the pre-xmas ranges.

A recent trend is the covered platform. It gives stilettos a more curvy profile, and balances out weight above the ankle. I also find platforms slightly more comfy than normal heels - not only is your foot at a less extreme angle, but there's an element of shock absorbtion going on. These red beauties above are reduced to £40 at Faith, and would look fab with black sheer or opaque tights, or peeping out under trousers.

Irregular choice make some splendid shoes, and none more sweet than these Cherry Courts. They're reduced to £50 from £79.99 at Schuh - I think you know straight away if you're going to love these or hate them, so I won't try and explain their appeal...

There are lots of animal print shoes around this winter - but these are my favourite for sheer glitz factor, since the zebra print is created with sequins! They also feature the same concealed platform as the first pair, but this time have a peeptoe front for extra sexy pinup style. I stumbled across these shoes on the Barratts website, and I may have to rethink my opinion of Barratts as a result. My first ever paid employment was as a Saturday girl in Barratts and I've never really experienced them to be big on design. Until now. These shoes also come in plain cerise or electric blue sequins, for £30 - with an extra 20% off until Sunday.


  1. I have bought the cherry court shoes!
    I wanted them for 6 weeks before I decided to buy them but they are lovely!!

    Not my normal thing at all but a wee change does you no harm occasionally :0)


  2. where can i get these sequins zebra print heels??! i love them and must have them before i go on vacation witch is in 2 weeks. i really need to know.


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