Tuesday, 6 January 2009

And for a boy...

As promised I have a 'boy challenge' today.

This is Xan, guitarist by night and all round studmuffin.  He writes:

Hey missy!

[These] were meant to give me more of a rock n roll look (according to my dear big sister) for when I'm playing gigs.  They're faded black/grey, tight around the butt and thighs, but bootcut. They've been altered a little since those photos - slightly shorter, so they don't drag across the ground as much.

My sister recommends some kind of biker boots, but I'm looking for other suggestions too.

I have two suggestions for our boy.  Both of which are a little less 'bulky' than biker boots - and perhaps a little more 'showman'.  Firstly, my immediate impulse was a pair of razor-sharp black Cuban-heeled boots.

These are from an online store called Atom Retro, and sum up exactly what I mean.  Clean lines, presence - the heel gives swagger in your posture and emphasises the hips/guitar zone.  They're not cheap at £69 - so you may want to look around...  But beware - these are not cowboy boots - they finish at the ankle and have no stitching.  Think Ronnie Wood or Brett Anderson.  Maybe eschew the T shirt in favour of a fitted black shirt, open at the neck.

Or, alternatively - something younger and more casual.  Not trainers as such - trainers just aren't very rock and roll - but traditional baseball boots.  They don't have to be Converse - but these iconic All Star Hi Tops (Schuh, £34.12) are perfect in their profile - so look for something similar.  You want a boot, in case you need to sit down and cross your legs - a glimpse of sock is not Rock and Roll - but the kind of insubstantial, juvenile vibe of these glorified plimsoles is fun and somehow dynamic.  

I've chosen purple for those flashes of colour peeping out.  Red would be too bright, and suggest ill-coordination when worn with other colours, whereas purple is nearer to being a neutral.  If the idea of colour scares you, go with beige or off-white canvas.  Black looks a little odd, and Navy is wrong with jeans of any colour.  

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