Friday, 9 January 2009


I'm not a handbag obsessive, but I do like a good quality, leather bag . I tend to only have one at a time, and I had been musing on finding a new one lately. Today I recieved an email from Secret Sales. Think TK Maxx but online. Their shtick is that you are a 'member', and that there can only be a limited number of members who are invited to their sales of 'designer' lines.

Like TKMaxx, the 'designery-ness' of these 'designer labels' is variable - and somewhat disappointingly in the many, many months since I've been a member, there's been precious little above a size 14. Today, though, that doesn't matter. For today they have a sale on Dents Handbags.

Dents are a brand with a longstanding reputation for quality in leather goods - particularly gloves - and this sale is choc full of well-sized, detail-designed leather bags. I bought the very retro red croc-effect bag at the top of this post for £46 - down from £125. Several others caught my eye, too - there's some serious retro fun, including a spot-the-difference homage to Hermes' Kelly Bag (above, £46 each from £125), and some funkier styles such as the Snake Leather Shoulder Tote below in 'Metallic Steel' (£56 from £135) - very Nu Eighties, as I imagine the fashionistas call it.

I'm fairly sure you can just show up at the Secret Sales main page and register yourself - but if not, and/or if you have time - use the contact form at the bottom of this blog to let me know you want to sign up and I can, as a member, invite you - for which they'll give me a £5 voucher if you do buy anything. Then when you're a member you can invite your friends with the same deal. You know how these things work.

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