Monday, 19 January 2009

Bargain Slap.

I'd never heard of Wet and Wild, but when I was pointed in the direction of a sale on their website I decided to have punt.  Absolutely everything is 99p in the sale.  There's a full range of makeup, which appears to be Rimmel-like quality.  I bought A lipliner and eyebrow pencil, a concealer and some glitter pots.

Perhaps better value, though, are 'hardware' items, such as a perfectly serviceable powder brush, a nail buffer and false eyelashes.  I stocked up with four pairs, since they generally cost a fair bit, and - when all's said and done: eyelashes is eyelashes.  These ones are self adhesive - though I expect to use a little eyelash glue anyway.  Oh, and because the website doesn't tell you, "Vivacious" lashes are more subtle than "Flirtatious" ones.

Delivery is taking a fair while, but every one I know who has ordered, has got their goodies in the end.  It took about two weeks for me.  

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