Sunday, 11 January 2009

Looks familiar!

It's the Spring/Summer incarnation of M&S's fabulous two-in-one frock - familiar to regular readers as the 'What I wore to Work' dress.  

£35 - and not as immediately appealing as the original, I still rather like it.  Shapewise, it has all the benefits of the original (as well as the drawbacks: those sleeves haven't got any longer) - and the new pattern for the shirt insert is less dramatic, but still plenty glam. Classy manifestations of animal prints are few and far between, but this fits the bill.


  1. maybe i'll try it in a smaller size. the 14 was like a tent on me!

  2. I can't see a difference between that and the one you have (except for shirt colour, of course). Is it made of a lighter material? Would it be wrong of me to get it, what with you having the winter one? And indeed are you getting the summer one? I suddenly have an insatiable desire for everything leopard skin (namely this dress, or the one on pin up girl site, mmmm, leopard velvet trim!!) I'm turning into my nana.

  3. I think the shirt fabric is a lighter weight than the satin of my one. Get it! I won't be getting it anyway (it wouldn't matter at all, but Clarey and I do work together).
    I've been increasingly aware of my animal print penchant too...


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