Thursday, 15 January 2009

A chat about shoes.

This conversation I had with a friend on a web forum amused me, so I thought I'd share.  She's recently bought the dress above, by the way...
  • What shoes shall I wear with orange dress please? Tall black patent looks a bit not right. White stilettos (I know, I know) look better but I have lost one. I am thinking a completely unrelated bright stiletto but where could I get it????
  • What size are your feet - these are a steal but only in some sizes now...    here - £9.                         
  • 5-6. Oooooh. They are lush.
  • Or something like this:  
  • Hell yeah! But tights with peep toes. Is well cold!
  • Or this:     

  • last two from schuh, btw.  Opaque tights with peep toes is fine.
  • Black tights? I am ordering the silver but feel I might die if I don't get the leopard ones too! They are the shoes I have been waiting my whole life for!
  • Yesss - but i'm not sure about black opaque tights with your frock. really you need sheer seamed stockings. but they would look ok with peep toes - those ones aren't too open.  
  • Yeah, I was thinking sheer stockings. I've never bought shoes online. What if they are too small? The disappointment would kill me.
  • Nothing ventured - you could always bind your feet.  Did they have the silver ones in your size? cool. i just checked and felt awful cos they only had them in size 3.
  • Only in red. Do I need red patent heels? Would like nice with new jeans...
    Though has decided must buy the others. Oh feel dizzy with shoe lust!! Thank you!!
  • hmm - these ones are only a tenner, and don't have the peeptoe...

    here.  Red patent heels can be good... the silver ones are special though. I have a pair of the silver ones coming...
  • Ta, but have been thinking about peep toed leopardskin for ages and have ordered them. Not sure if will wear with ze orange...oh yes I will. No one will notice the toe thing. And will hopefully just think: "she is wearing stockings", huzzah!


  1. I am pacing up and down waiting for the shoes. I will be accessorising with lots of gold, in case you wondered. Bought a fat (but cheap cheap cheap) beaten gold style ring today to go with it.

  2. pink would look good, too. to pick up the heel tips etc. Nice plastic pink.

  3. They arrived and are beautiful. And I love them. Still thinking gold, though. Have it in my mind's eye. Mmmm.


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