Saturday, 10 January 2009

Three wishes

I'm loving your blog very much. My dilemas are I want everyday type tops/jumpers , a new winter coat I was thinking a parka type? Ideally I would like a hood and to come past my bum. I also want to buy new jeans.

I'm 5ft 2 1/2
9st 6llb
I'm brunette with freckles
I really don't know what body shape I am...but I def have a bottom and hips.
I don't have a fave shop but I always end up in Urban Outfitters and normally find something I like.
I don't like to look 'in fashion'.

I always have a trauma trying to buy jeans as I need a 30inch leg which thankfully shops are starting to sell. Petite jeans come up too short.

Can i be helped ?

Almost certainly.

Firstly, everyday tops and jumpers. I have a lack of these too. It seems utterly ridiculous that someone who can't move in her flat for clothes should have a leack of anything, but most of my clothes are a bit too glam for work, and I've been neglecting separates in favour of frocks for a while...

It seems that fashion is favouring quite square shapes on the torso for spring, and that isn't really flattering to anyone - especially not if you are short, as the width: height ratio is more precarious to start with. Batwing sleeves, dropped waists and blouson styles are all horribly chunky. There are also a plethora of horizontal stripes. Although this mission is for a slim girl, I really can't see the appeal of widening stripes. However, there is hope. Betty Jackson at Debenhams have the gorgeous Oriental Spot kimono top at the top of this post for £32. Although I have recommended kimono tops for boobilicious girls before, it doesn't mean that they are a no go for other body shapes. Certainly the focus on the bust will draw attention from a more substantial bum and hips. You might like to try it without a vest - those with smaller boobs can get away with showing more cleavage while still looking quite classy. Also at Debenhams is the delightful flower stem embellished top above - £20, by Rocha. John Rocha. Its simplicity accomodates the applique detail without looking too fussy - the high neck rules it out for buxom girls, though. Lastly to Marks and Sparks for the gorgeous Spot Print Bow Top below (£29.50). This top might push the label 'everyday' to its limits, but why shouldn't every day be a carnival of cheer? Once again, attention will be drawn away from the bum and hips - and this style will look great with a longer line cardigan to coordinate with trousers or skirt, and elongate the overall effect.

A hooded winter coat, past bum length, next - not so easy to find this winter. I know a parka style has been suggested, but most of these seem to be 'dusty lilac' coloured, quilted, synthetic abominations. Bucking that trend, however, are the three below. The first is by Vero Moda at House of Fraser. It is a good length for a shorter girl, and cut witha feminine flare below the waist. The super cosy funnel neck is fiunished off with a practical hood and for £54 I think it's gorgeous. But if the lady wants a parka, I think the pick of them is this classic, clean-lined black version from Ben Sherman Online. Normally a pricey £130, it's reduced to an entirely fair £60. Lastly, because I can't resist a splash of colour, is this pretty blue coat from website Oli. Probably more spring than winter, truth be told, it's a bargain at £20.

Then new jeans. We want 30 inch leg, and I am firmly of the belief that we want a bootcut to balance out the bottom and hips. The ones below are bargains from New Look - only £10. They also come in black, or with pre-faded pattern. With jeans, no matter what the label says, you have to try them on. In view of this, the lady in question might like to know that there are 30" bootcut jeans at the following retailers: Vero Moda at House of Fraser, (£24); Crafted at Republic (£34), Peacocks (£12); and Dotty P's (£25)

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