Thursday, 20 November 2008

Find anything worth having in the M&S sale?

Neither did I. But pre xmas retail figures have obviously been a bit alarming, because markses are not the only ones.

Debenhams have 25% discount online until Saturday, although that's an extension because at the moment their website appears to be a little bit time-lagged.

Wallis and Dotty Perkins both have 20% off until end of tomorrow too. Stablemates Evans go one better extending their 20% offer until Monday, while Principles offer a huge 30% on 'selected collections' for an unspecified amount of time, which would bring the red trench coat below in at under £70. Right on the button for a certain statuesque friend and colleague of mine.Monsoon have some significant reductions on (a mixed bag, style-wise of) eveningwear too - and I'd bet there will be more sales to pop up in the next few weeks. I wonder how many of my xmas gift recipients I can buy frocks for...


  1. I want that coat. But why is it 99? and why is it not black? And did you mean me? If so, you are right because I saw the pic and clicked on the link before reading your blo. What can I say, I'm a visual person. Anyway. I want. Love Clare. x

  2. They apply the 30% discount at the checkout stage - it's so you! I know you were looking for a blck one... but you wear red so well. Imagine with a black beret...


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