Monday, 10 November 2008

Gorgeous Bra

Not quite in my size (and sorry sarah, not yours either), and not a new style, but I can't get over how gorgeous the Rosa bra by Panache is. Availble in sizes 28-38, DD-G it costs £28.

There are fabulous shorts (below) for £14 or a pretty thong (if you can be bothered with thongs - they're not for me) for £12. I swear to you, if this set came in my size I'd buy two!

Just quickies for the next few days - Ofsted are descending on my school and there's precious little time for shopping-related fun. Boo!


  1. I want that so bad! Payday is but scant days away...

  2. Underwear is an investment - when you think of how much it gets worn, it works out one of the cheapest things in your wardrobe anyway.


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