Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Heads up.

It's cold, people want hats.

I bought a new hat this autumn. A slouchy beret (above). Very now - but more importantly, it's a style that works with hair up or down, and it can be shoved in a pocket or bag. I stumbled across a woman on ebay who makes a small range of crocheted hats, and she made it to order in a shade of purple (above) that matched the leather gloves I'd just bought. Lovely, and very happy to do commissions.

I'm sure you can find one cheaper (prices range from around £12 - £22, depending on the style and yarn used) but I think she represents good value for money, and you know there's no sweatshop involved.

The next step beyond is the sequinned beret. Perfectly acceptable for daytime if worn in a dark colour (or, indeed any colour, if you just don't care) Miss Selfridge have them in Black, Navy, Blue, Bright Pink, or Gold for £15. In fact spot the difference between thses two sequinned berets:

The one on the left is £15 from Miss Selfridge, the one on the right is £90 from Jaeger. Just how fabulous can sequins be that they cost six times as much?

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