Saturday, 22 November 2008

Finishing the first mission

I bought the blue one from dotty p's - thanks love.

Now trying to locate some black wide legs trousers in a size 20 and long length nearly drove me insane yesterday. Any suggestions for jewellery?

Jewellery first. With this dress a necklace is unnecessary, and would compete with that splendid sequin sunburst. But I am thinking 'bangles'. Oh yes indeed. With an over all block of colour such as here, jewellery has to be visually quite impactful. It's also worth knowing that dainty ladies carry off dainty jewellery best. For most of us, chunky - even oversized - pieces are much more flattering (except cuffs - cuffs look like you're so fat your bangle only just fits.)

This bangle by Accessorise is the right kind of thing, but it's £6. Ebay, clare's accessories, Primark... one or two chunky bangles in black or silver glitter or metallic shine. I'd avoid turquoise/teal, or anything patterned beyond simple geometrics.

Because of the sequins drawing attention to the face, I don't think this outfit needs statement earrings - silver hoops would be my choice (as they often are). You could finish off with a pretty hairclip, though. Diamante simplicity rather than bows or flowers, worn high in the side of a bob.

To the trouser deparetment, then. I love my black velvet wide leg trousers because they are easy to wear, feel just like pyjamas, but have an opulence which suits a large range of evening outfits. Evans have a pair (in 20L) for £30. You'll wear them lots - with all manner of tops. Get rid of the beaded belt though - nice idea, but on the wrong scale unless you're a size 6.

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