Saturday, 15 November 2008

Ladybird, ladybird...

Last night I took a tenative step back onto the social scene in a pair of utterly splendid shoes (just like those above). I found them on our recent holiday to Barcelona, where they are sold in every other souvenier shop and immediately thought "ladybird shoes!" - and then sometime later remembered that I have lovely frock by collectif clothing (a formerly great online brand for rockabilly/punk frocks, who seem to be going through a somewhat barren phase lately) which matches perfectly. The shoes were an utter steal at €13 - although, obviously at that price they are fairly cheaply made and not leather - but beware: sizing is way out. My pair are labelled as a size 38, which is two sizes larger than I normally wear.

Worn with sheer black seamed tights and scarlet glossy lips, the look was unequivocally sexually aware but also a bit cute, as you would expect with a low-heeled mary-jane shoe. I love mary- janes. I find it hard to keep shoes on my feet without a strap so although it does make your legs look shorter, it also helps the chances of wearing them all night. Very wearable one-and-a-bit inch heel, too. I'm a total wimp with heels. I blame my small feet - but I do suspect that I'm just a bit rubbish at taking the pain that comes with balancing on the balls of your feet.

Anyway, I did thake them off for a while - for the purposes of dancing on top of a speaker, podium style, and the tights had ladders in both legs before 10pm, but as outfits go it was ace - and all about the shoes.

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  1. I love flamenco shoes! But I need 42's so I doubt I'll ever have a pair - what a shame. :(


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