Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Dining out

dear miss charlotte - I need something lovely to wear for a night out (meal with boyfriend and maybe dad) at xmas. can you help cos I'm stuck?
Woo hoo! All the fun of shopping and no actual damage done to my bank account. The gorgeous lady in question is longer of limb and smaller on top than me... so here's what I think will suit for her shape.

Firstly, because my friend doesn't feel comfy in a frock, she'll be happy to know that dinner out is perfect territory for a gorgeous top and trousers. Your top half will be in view more or less all night, so it's especially important to get that bit right - and for xmas, we need somthing a bit decorative. I really like the top above from Monsoon - it's 100% devore silk, but at £65 it is quite pricey for a top. The sheer sections give comforting coverage but look luxurious rather than frumpy, and the burnout effect is just gorgeous - it looks like lace but isn't as naff. High neck, patterned boobs... I would look awful in it, but I bet it'd look dead flattering on my mate. She'll like it too, because it's black - but I wonder if I can't find something more colourful.

This tunic is £35 from Dorothy Perkins, and I love the Art Deco influenced sunbursts of sequins. All over shimmer is dangerous unless you're a waif, but the longer cut and vertical positioning of these sparkles elongates and slims. The back features a lowish cowl effect - but not too low to wear a bra - and that's a sexy alternative to a low cut top especially if you have short hair, like my friend. I'd cut out the silly tie at the top, though. It looks a bit eighties market-stall to me... It's a gorgeous colour, too (although it does come in black).

Lastly, a gorgeous offering from Principles (£45). Beautiful colours, beading detail and muted gold - the shape skims the torso and makes boobs look a bit bigger to boot. This shape is an absolute no-no for me, but it's totally perfect for my friend. This dark teal blue is really flattering to paler skins and accentuates red tones in the hair splendidly.
I'd wear any of the above with a pair of black wide-legged trousers and heels, or some smart dark blue jeans - not too baggy - again, probably with heels, but not if they made you feel uncomfy. Dinner out, however, involves a lot of sitting down. If you can't wear heels to dinner, I suspect you never will!


  1. Good choices - vicarious shopping is the best, isn't it!

    Did you see that George Davies is resigning from M&S? Article in the Grauniad at http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2008/nov/19/fashion-retail (sorry, not sure how to do a proper link). Will be interesting to see what happens to Per Una now. Can only get better, imo :-)

  2. I bought the blue one from dotty p's thanks love :)

    Now trying to locate some black wide legs trousers in a size 20 and long length nearly drove me insane yesterday :o

    Any suggestions for jewellery?


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