Friday, 21 November 2008

Mission the Second

miss charlotte, having read your expert recommendations, can i ask a favour as well? Mr K is taking me out to dinner for my birthday in a couple of weeks, our first real night out since the baby was born, and I would love a glamorous new dress to wow him with. However, clothes shopping is impossible with a pram in tow, so have you spotted anything that you think would suit me?

Ooh - now then, frock shopping is my very favourite thing. My first selection is one of the more wearable items from the Patricia Field (designer for "Sex and the City") range at M&S. This Glitzy Gold dress is a little Studio 54, but not too trashy. £55, but lots of design detail. The front of the dress has a draped effect which will be forgiving to new-mum-frontage (actually, I suppose MsK might be one of these sleb style washboard-tum-mums, but I'd have to disapprove thoroughly if that were the case). The halter top will look utterly ravishing from the other side of the dinner table, and the low back?(top pic) Well, MsK has the most fabulous piece of art on her back which she might wish to show off.

Continuing the low-back theme, but this time, class personified is this crimson Drape Back Cowl dress (£75) from Wallis. This oozes 'Madmen', early 60s sexy-sophistication. Control pants up to the underbust a prerequisite, but imagine it with seamed stockings and red lips. Divine.

Lastly, providing back coverage and altogether less grown up and more funky is this versatile purple print dress by Red Herring at Debenhams (£35). I can really see MsK in this, and although it isn't as obviously festive as the others just look at that gorgeous sheer neckline - although stick a vest top under it and it would immediately become more demure and 'daytime'.

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