Friday, 21 November 2008

Step away from the sequins...

Miss Charlotte, I am shortly moving abroad and need some decent smart clothes for my new job. I don't have a lot to spend so some advice on key items would be lovely. I want so make a really good first impression and not look like the scruff-monster I really am!

I'm a 14 on top but my boobies are pretty huge, and a 14/16 on the bottom. I'm far comfier in trousers than skirts, but will consider anything.

Aha... "anything", she says... well in that case let me quickly get out of the way the one dress that I really, truly believe that every buxom lady needs in her working wardrobe: a black wrap around dress. Smart enough to wear for a job interview, comfortable and practical enough to throw on every day, I like to wear mine with a bright vest top just peeping from the neckline. Then for the evening, the vest comes off and the cleavage can take over. The Bravissimo version isn't cheap, at £50, but it's good quality and the clever cut really makes a difference for the boobilicious girl.

But back to trousers. Speaking personally, I find the most versatile and flattering work trousers are mid weight, and slightly textured. Think linen or a very lightweight tweed. As for style, I love the 1930s Oxford bags wide leg style - with either a low or high waist. It visually balances out a heavier top half, and invites super-comfy flat shoes: a godsend at work. I like this pair from Evans, of all places. Despite the fact that Evans now stock down to a size 14, it's generally not a contender for stylish offerings when compared to the rest of the high street, let alone the internet. However it is worth keeping an eye on. The spotty dress I'm wearing in the picture at the top left of the page was a fantastic find, and I think these trousers (£35) are some of the best looking ones around.

Finally, tops. Imagine if you will, a girl with a buxom, hourglass physique wearing astraight up-and-down dress. The horror, right? So please, oh you Ladies of the Curves, don't do it with your tops! This:

is very bad, yet you see it all the time.

There needs to be some tailoring, to fit into the waist below the bust. This purple top from M&S is £21, but these are the kinds of tops you can pick up quite frequently in supermarkets and Primark/New Look considerably more cheaply.

The other great option for boobier girls is the jumpershirt. I was initially unconvinced by these - they seemed to feature heavily in Next's perennially unexciting ranges in bland colours and shapeless styles. Well, I was wrong. Working on the same principle as the 'what I wore to work dress' they allow buxom girls to wear the best kinds of blouses without having to worry about strained buttons. They also visually break up the extent of fabric from neck to waist, which makes the boobs look higher, and some of them are cut to fit quite closely. Today I bought this one from Rocha John Rocha at Debenhams - £16 until Saturday, but only £20 otherwise, which compares favourably with other 'cheaper' stores. It seems to be channelling 'Heidi', which I thought was irresistably fun, but these tops exist in all kinds of styles, are easy care and look smart and flattering.

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  1. Ohh, thank you so much! I like the look of those trousers, and I'm very tempted by the dress (something I never thought I'd say!) I think the January sales will be my time to strike...


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