Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Boobilicious party top

Dear Miss Charlotte,

Looking for a party top - similar dimensions to your good self up top but with upper arms like hams - love black, hate shopping.
Any ideas?

Love Ceej x

Like hams, eh? I know that one. I should cover my arms for the sake of public decency (my Mum would be appalled) but there's markedly little choice. Evans - who should know better - have 48 'Going Out' tops. Some have sleeves that would stop right on the widest part of the arm, and are therefore deeply unflattering, and the vast majority have no sleeves at all! One top has sleeves that would be flattering, but the rest of the garment looks like a tent, so I'm not even going to link to it.

My first option isn't plain black, but is a brilliant cut for our shape, and has a lovely scattering of sequins. It's by Simply Be - who are catalogue and online only - and I can't recommend their stuff across the board. Some is great, but some of it is horribly cheaply made. Look very carefully at their photos. This tunic looks ok. Worth a try, but perhaps a little plain.

Not completely black, and you'd want to try it on to see how the sleeves fitted, but this top by Rocha. John Rocha at Debenhams is much prettier. The kimono style is a really safe bet for our shape, and that neckline will look phenomenal with your cleavage, Ms Ceej.

But I think this is the winner. The last choice has perfect sleeves, astonishing cleavage potential, is entirely black and it'ss even in the sale! £20 at Wallis will buy you this Black Deco trim top (they call it a kimono, because of the underbust tie - but I think a kimono should have a wrap neckline...). This is completely flattering and plain enough to wear some fabulous jewellery with. Wear with the velvet wide leg trousers and heels - go on! Easy-peasy glamour.


  1. I asked an assistant about the paucity of long-sleeved tops in Evans, and was told it was because larger ladies get too warm. Grrrrr.

    When they do put sleeves on, they're the dreaded 3/4 length, which don't do a lot of people many favours.

  2. Fantastoc choices - thank you! x

    I was told the same thing in Evans - so now we're not only fat, but sweaty as well. How very flattering. Quite puts me off going there!


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